At Mass Finishing, we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our equipment and make it easier for operators to run. We do this through our lab technicians and through listening to customer suggestions and custom request.

One of the more common requests has to do with screening out and classifying used tumbling media. After every cycle, there are small pieces chipped media, loose pieces that fall off of deburred parts and other debris that can make it’s way into the system. MFI has added what we call a media classification drawer to our internal media separators that help screen out this unwanted material.

MFI Media Part – Separators feature a two-deck system, with the top deck made of a sized wire mesh depending on the dimensions of the media and parts. The lower deck is a solid stainless sheet where the media falls onto. For classification, MFI adds thin slots to the last 6 inches of the lower deck with a drawer underneath to catch undersized media and debris.

After each cycle the media is automatically cleaned. Removing these small pieces can drastically reduce lodging issues and keeps the overall process more controlled.

Customers with existing separators can have the classification drawer added. We are even willing to help users create their own custom classifiers. See the photos included here to get a better understanding of how the classifiers work.