XM Media-(Burnishing)

XM Media is composed of sintered bauxite. Its a granular tumbling nugget that comes in a variety of screen sizes. It is hard, durable and at 140 pounds-per-square-foot, is extremely dense. MFI uses it primarily in burnishing applications, but it also works well for light deburring applications as well as driving other loose abrasives to cut and color parts.

The tough and hard crystaline structure makes it a great media for applying a “high color” burnish on hard ferrous metals and brass and aluminum.

MFI offers a variety of screen sizes the lower numbers being the larger grains and higher numbers having the smaller grains.

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  • XM-3 finishing media

    XM #3

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  • XM-4 finishing media

    XM #4

  • XM-5 MFI media

    XM #5

  • MFI tumbling media XM-6

    XM #6

  • MFI XM-8 finishing media

    XM #8

  • XM-10 tumbling media

    XM #10

  • XM-12 polishing media

    XM #12

  • XM-14 tumbling media

    XM #14

  • XM-16 tumbling media

    XM #16