Mass Finishing’s own Sales and Marketing Manager, Cole Mathisen, recently presented at the RAPID + TCT 2022 Conference which ran from May 17-19 in Detroit, MI. The conference included over 130 technical presentations from industry experts, and attendees saw over 400 additive manufacturing companies showcase the latest 3D technologies and applications in hands-on exhibits.

In Cole’s presentation, Optimization of Post Processing 3D Parts: Eliminating Chemicals and Increasing Output, he discussed different tumbling equipment options such as MFI’s HZ-40 Centrifugal Barrel Machine, which was featured at the conference, discussed tumbling media types and applications, as well as presented examples of real-world applications. “Getting the opportunity to present at North America’s Largest Additive Manufacturing Conference was special. Post Processing on 3D printed metal parts is something that is really overlooked and the other options we see at the show are not capable of producing the type of finish we can. I only had 20 minutes, but I think I was able to achieve my goal of laying out all the tumble finishing options and demonstrate why we’ve had success with our high-energy barrel tumblers,” says Cole. The presentation lasted 25 minutes and included 5 minutes for Q&A.