Summer is ending here in Minnesota and soon the cooler weather and bright colors of fall will fill the trees. MFI has had an exciting summer and we are ready to move into the fall with some new products!

In July, MFI hosted our first ever Dealer Summit. We were so lucky to have 26 different reps join us for a 2-day event that included a Minnesota boat ride touring Lake Minnetonka, a barbeque food truck, good conversation and networking and some great Minnesota weather! Our reps were able to take a tour of our facilities, learn about our products, get a sneak peek of our new products, and see our processing lab where we fine tune the finishes for their customers parts.  We appreciate every single one of them that took the time to come to Howard Lake and we are looking forward to when we can do it again!

MFI will be exhibiting at the IMTS Show in Chicago the week of September 12th. Here we will be showcasing our new model added to our HZ-Series line up, the HZ-175. This model has a barrel diameter of 8” and is 48” long, 4 times longer than the HZ-160. This longer barrel capacity caters to customers with medium sized parts that are longer than average, such as stator blades for turbine engines and crankshafts. Come check it out in Booth #236652!

Our first prototype for a media return system is near completion. This system will prevent the operators from needing to lift the media baskets to re-fill the machines. It will simply “suck up” the media into a hopper at the top and then allow the user to re-fill the barrels from the hopper. We are excited to get this unit it to production!

MFI has also been implementing our new ERP system and will be putting our bar-code scanning capabilities in place in September. This will allow us to keep our inventory accurate and provide consistency and efficiency in our production.

I hope everyone had a great summer and will enjoy the upcoming fall. As always, please continue to check out our website, follow us on LinkedIn for current events, and come see us at IMTS!

Marci Theisen

MFI General Manager