In the last year, Mass Finishing has shipped machines to Turkey, South Africa, South America, Japan and Australia just to name a few. Recently we built a machine for the University of Auckland in New Zealand that took a six-week sea voyage to reach its destination.

Whether it was the long trip or just a faulty motor brake, Arno Ferreira and his team at the Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Centre ran into trouble shortly after startup.

Luckily by using video conferencing and training videos, MFI technicians were able to diagnose the problem and get the required replacement parts shipped out the next day. In less than a week we had the machine back up and running and producing polished parts.

Ferreira sent us this note to thank us for our quick response to his issue:

“We also wanted to thank you all for the impeccable service you have provided, not just in the purchase of this machine, but also in the after sales support. We really appreciate the fast responses to our queries and concerns and the short period between letting you know about the issue and the replacement parts arriving. It is greatly appreciated!   I was running the machine yesterday and it seems to be running perfectly.”

MFI never likes to hear about a machine that is down for any reason and we always work to come up with a good solution as quickly as possible. Thankfully, this issue was resolved without a long downtime especially for a customer that is nearly 8,000 miles (13,000 km) away.

Ferreira’s Colleague Olaf Diegel posted on LinkedIn about his experience working with the new machine.