The best first step in any project is having a customer send us parts for testing. MFI has a variety of capabilities in-house depending on what samples we’re running. In this video tour, Cole Mathisen, MFI Sales and Marketing Manager briefly explains our sample finishing process and shows some of the media and equipment you’ll find in our Sample Processing Lab.

One of the new additions to our lab is a Hybrid High-Energy Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine that has a HZ-160 and HZ-220 barrel. Having a machine with two different barrel sizes gives us flexibility when we want to test and see how customer parts run.

Our Test Sample Process:

Sample testing at MFI is free and easy. Just fill out a Test Sample Request form and send in your samples to our facility. Our test engineer will determine what type of media, machine, and process times are required to achieve your desired finish. When testing is complete, you’ll receive your parts back for inspection, a before/after photo collage of your parts, and a confidential test report.

Test Sample Info Form

Filling out this information will help our lab engineers determine the best process for finishing your parts. By submitting this form, an email will be sent to our lab and sales team. This will help insure proper processing of your sample parts.
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