Save time and make life easier for operators by keeping media in barrel while rinsing.

Howard Lake, MN – Creating better ergonomics and adding efficiency is a continuous process for Mass Finishing Inc. (MFI). With our HZ-Series Centrifugal Barrel Tumblers, anything we can do to reduce labor during the load and unload time is a benefit to our customers. With the new Rinse Screen attachment for the HZ-Series barrel tumblers, MFI hopes to make cleaning out dirty water and media quicker and easier for operators.

When operating a barrel tumbler, the water and media breaks down over time and starts to create a slurry of dirty water and effluent. We recommend cleaning the media and dirty water out of the barrel about once every hour to ensure a consistent finish on parts.

Without a rinse screen, cleaning the barrel is accomplished by either tipping the barrel slightly and running several gallons of water through it or by completely emptying the contents of the barrel into a media separator. With the Rinse Screen, changing out the water and adding new parts is quick and easy and requires no bending or heavy lifting to return the media to the barrel.

In the past, MFI has made various screens and custom add-ons for our customers by request. The new Rinse Screen attachment is now being offered as a stocked item and will be available for all HZ-Series models.

The Rinse Screen attachment is designed to fit over the barrel with and without barrel dividers. The back of the screen hooks onto the barrel while two quick snapping locks secure the front. When not in use the screen can hang on the front of the machine. Make cleaning out dirty water and media quicker and easier for you and your operators. Call or email us today for pricing and availability.