New to the MFI website is a Support page that gives customers extra resources and focuses on answering common questions customers have after the purchase of their HZ Series High Efficiency Barrell Tumbling Systems. On this new webpage you’ll find a variety of support videos and process demos, as well as a maintenance schedule for the HZ-Series system.

Proper maintenance is required to ensure your HZ-Series machine stays in good working condition year after year. The maintenance schedule provided on MFI’s Support page gives a list of recommended maintenance items for the HZ-Series bearings, belts/chains, barrels, pneumatics (on machines with cover lifts), and frame. Most maintenance items should be completed every 700, 1400, and 2100 hours.

A list of our current support and process demo videos can also be found below. You can view these videos by visiting MFI’s Support page.

Support Videos

  • HZ-Series General Start-Up and Maintenance
  • HZ-Series Horseshoe Bracket Tightening
  • HZ-40 Motor Troubleshooting
  • HZ-Series Motor Brake Replacement
  • Sludge Tank Cleanout
  • HZ-40 Barrel Latches
  • Drain Pan Cleanup
  • HZ-Series Power Connection
  • HZ-Series Cradle Adjustment
  • HZ-60 Tightening Main Shaft Bearing
  • HZ-Series Attaching Cover Lift
  • HZ-Series Centrifuge Setup

Process Demo Videos

  • HZ-40 Two-Step Demo
  • HZ-Series Built-In Separator Demo
  • HZ-60 Two-Step Demo
  • HZ-60 Three-Step Demo
  • Three-Step Bone Plate Demo
  • Roush Yates Demo
  • HZ-120 Demo
  • HZ-Series Centrifuge Demo
  • HZ-Series Rinse ScreenDemo

In addition to various videos explaining common maintenance and troubleshooting items, MFI also provides in-house support through our technicians or local distributors.

Processing help is available to all MFI customers at no additional cost throughout the life of our equipment.

For immediate assistance with any technical support or process-related questions you can contact our team at 320-543-3222 Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST. Or reach us by email at