This May, Mass Finishing Inc. completed the relocation of our sample parts processing lab to a new location within our facility. Our lab has moved from our production building, also known as “Building 1,” to “Building 2,” where our media and compound is stored. This recent relocation will help us to streamline our operations and help provide an even better customer experience.

Optimizing Accessibility and Convenience

The new move positions our sample part processing lab within the same building that houses our media, compound, and corn cob mixing production area. By co-locating these essential components, our lab technicians now have direct and immediate access to our variety of on-hand media and compounds, streamlining our operations.

Moving the lab to “Building 2” also separates it from the bustling production area. This offers customers a quieter space to view and explore equipment, giving them a better experience while visiting our facility.

Additionally, the relocation of our lab also frees up space in our production building. While this building still is our main area for production, the reclaimed space now serves as a dedicated Quality Control (QC) area, where we can leak test and run our equipment before shipping it out to our customers.

MFI’s Current Lab Equipment

The lab features a range of equipment, allowing our customers to explore a variety of finishing solutions all under one roof. When visiting our lab, customers will find machines from our line of HZ-Series Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines, as well as a vibratory bowl, and two RF-Series Centrifugal Disc Finishing machines.

Current Lab Equipment:

  • HZ-40
  • HZ-85
  • HZ-120
  • Hybrid HZ-160/220 Combination Unit
  • Vibratory Bowl
  • RF-20
  • RF-50

In Summary

MFI’s relocation of our sample parts processing lab will enhance accessibility, streamline processes, and create an even better experience for our customers. We look forward to welcoming you to our new lab.

As always, we encourage you to take advantage of our free sample part processing service by sending in your sample parts. This collaborative approach allows us to determine the right equipment and process for your part and allows us to demonstrate the possibilities of high-energy finishing on your operations.