PV Media Separator

Screen Deck: 20" W x 24" L
Feed Height: 26"
Discharge Height: 24"
Motors: One .25 HP
Voltage: 110 volt

PV Media Separator

Media and Parts Separating System Designed for PV Tubs

MFI’s PV media separator is a portable machine that can be moved wherever needed in a plant or lab. The PV Separator is a great addition in operations that use MFI or other manufacturers vibratory tubs or the compact models in MFI’s line of centrifugal barrel finishing machines like the HZ-12 and HZ-40.

The PV separator features a removable screen system that allows the user to switch out the screen sizes in a matter of seconds. These machines work great for separating parts from media, or for media classification.

Once a finishing job is complete, simply open the discharge on the tub and watch as the media falls through the screen, leaving finished parts on top.

Power · 110v Single Phase
Motor · 1/4 HP
Weldment · Powder Coated steel construction
Feed Height · 26″
Discharge Height · 24″
Overall Footprint · 26” wide x 36” long
Shipping Weight · 150 Lbs.
Screen Dimensions · 20″W x 24″L
Screen Openings · 3/8″, 5/8″, 7/8″, 1-1/2″ & 2″ wire mesh or polyurethane. Choice of one metal screen included with unit

How It Works

The motor mounted beneath the screen deck turn an unbalanced shaft that creates a vibration that allows media to be gently sifted away from finished parts. This is especially helpful where parts are small and would otherwise take a long time to sort from media. The operator can simply allow media to flow from the tub and watch as the parts separate from the falling media on the screen deck.