Firearms & Munitions Industry

Mass Finishing Solutions for the Firearms and Munitions Industry

At Mass Finishing Inc. (MFI), we’ve been providing high-quality firearms finishing and polishing, as well as bullet and shell casing polishing for over two decades with our High-Energy Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines. Our gun tumblers remove tough burrs, break edges, and create a perfect pre-anodizing surface for firearm components. We also work with firearm manufacturers to finish the small moving parts that make rifles and handguns fire, such as the springs and trigger mechanisms.

Ammunition manufacturers also rely on our tumbling and vibratory machines to polish the inside and outside of bullet and shell casings. Using high-energy finishing, we can dramatically improve production efficiency by finishing hundreds of casings at once.

Common Parts:


Gun Barrels














Bullet & Shell Casings

Ready to Send Your Sample Parts?

Running samples in our lab is the best first step in determining the right equipment and process for your part. We process most samples within a week, depending on the number of samples we’re currently working on.

Recommended Firearms Finishing Equipment: HZ-Series

Most customers in the Firearms and Munitions Industries choose our High-Energy HZ-Series Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machines for their gun finishing and ammunition polishing applications. By tumbling their parts inside our HZ-Series machines, customers achieve a consistent isotropic finish (even in all directions), enabling each firearm to perform at its best and be less prone to jamming.


  • Reduced labor costs and production time
  • Create a quick and consistent isotropic finish
  • Remove tough burrs and break sharp edges
  • Create a perfect pre-anodizing surface
  • Achieve a mirror-like polish on parts and casings
  • Improved part performance and durability
  • Enhanced part aesthetics and corrosion resistance

Firearms and Munitions Industry Average Process Times

Light Edge Break/Deburr
5 – 20 minutes

Rough Grind/Deburr
20 – 60 minutes

Full Polish from Raw Part
30 – 90 minutes

* On parts like bolt carriers, if the surface is rough with defined machining lines, a cutdown step of 30 minutes followed by a pre-polishing step may be required.

Popular Equipment for the Firearms and Munitions Industry

The following models tend to be the most popular choices for those in the Firearms and Munitions Industry. The right model for your application will depend upon your specific part size, your production volume, and your finishing requirements. A full list of available equipment can be found on the equipment page.

The HZ-85 is an industrial tumbling time saver.


Full-size machine for large production volume or large parts.


Machine Type: High Efficiency


Max Part Size: 34″ L x 5.5″ D


Barrel Dimensions: 33.5″ L x 6″ D


Long and deep barrels. Ideal for larger, longer parts.


Machine Type: High Efficiency


Max Part Size: 47″ L x 8″ D


Barrel Dimensions: 48″ L x 8″ D

Not sure which HZ-Series is right for you? You can view our Max Part Size Chart to see what model is best equipped to handle your part size and production volume.

Firearms and Munitions Sample Parts

Common Materials: Hardened Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Brass

Enhance Your Mass Finishing Process with the Right Media Selection

Media is an essential component in the finishing process and is required for the proper operation of any Mass Finishing equipment. Finishing media is carefully selected based on its composition, shape, size, and performance to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the finishing process.

In addition to the wide variety of media and liquid and powder compounds in our Media Store, we also manufacture our own corn cob blends at our manufacturing facility in Howard Lake, MN.

Finish Your Firearms and Munitions Parts Faster