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What is Industrial Finishing Media?

Media refers to a range of specially formulated materials that are used in tandem with industrial finishing equipment to achieve a range of finishes on parts and components. Industrial finishing media plays a crucial role in processes such as tumbling, polishing, deburring, and surface preparation. It is used to efficiently remove burrs, smooth surfaces, enhance aesthetics, and improve the overall quality of finished products.

Finishing media is carefully selected based on its composition, shape, size, and performance to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the finishing process.

Media Selection for Industrial Finishing

Finding the right finishing media for industrial applications is just as critical as finding the right equipment. Media is an essential component in the finishing process and is required for the proper operation of any Mass Finishing equipment.

Depending on your finishing needs, different types of industrial finishing media are used to achieve different results. The right media can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your mass finishing process, reducing production time and costs.

Denta ceramic mix tumbling media.


Common Uses: Cut/Deburr

Commonly used in the first steps for heavy deburring and grinding on harder ferrous metals. This media comes in a wide spectrum of shapes. Varying levels of abrasive can increase or decrease its cutting power.

Fine tumbling media.

Corn Cob

Common Uses: Polish/Dry

MFI manufactures our own varieties of plain and treated corn cob media in-house. This media is typically used for acrylics, aluminum and precious metals like gold and silver but can be used in many other processes as well.

Corn cob media is often used in the final stage of a tumbling process and is used in dry finishing processes. Its lighter weight makes it ideal for adding a finishing shine to your parts.

8mm Microbrite tumbling media.


Common Uses: Cut/Pre-Polish

Commonly used in the first and second stages of the finishing process, particularly on softer non-ferrous metals. This media excels in general metal removal and pre-polishing tasks. 

8mm Microbrite tumbling media.


Common Uses: Polish/Burnishing

Commonly used in the final steps of the finishing process. This heavy media contains no abrasive or cutting power and works well for providing polish and an edge radius. High durability allows it to last longer than other media.

Sludge tank absorbent media.

Sludge Tank Absorbent

Common Uses: Wastewater Absorbent

Sludge tank absorbent works great for soaking up any remaining water in the sludge leftover from your finishing process. By letting the pellets sit for several hours in your sludge tank or drain pan, the soupy sludge is turned into a more solid mass that can be easily scooped out for disposal.

1/2" x 9/16" SM cone finishing media.


Common Uses: Deburr/Polish

Synthetic media offers extremely fine finishes and is ideal for small, precision applications. Synthetic Media is water-based, making it the most cost-effective and easily treated material for removal in wastewater systems.

MFI treated walnut shell media.


Common Uses: Polish/Dry

Walnut media is typically used in the final stage of the finishing process to achieve a smooth and polished surface. Its gentle cutting action effectively removes imperfections and leaves a lustrous finish, making it ideal for delicate or intricate parts.

XM-3 finishing media.


Common Uses: Burnishing

Principally used in burnishing applications, XM media is a “coloring abrasive”. It can also be used for light burr removal, and radius formation, and is an effective driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. XM is an excellent substitute for steel media applications.

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