PV-0.75 Vibratory Tub


PV-0.75 Vibratory Finishing Tub

The PV-0.75 Vibratory Finishing Tub is an economical finishing machine ideal for deburring larger parts at lower volume. As the most compact machine in the PV Series, it is the perfect size for smaller shops or for use in areas where space is limited. This compact, self-contained system is designed to provide quiet, cost-effective deburring for a wide variety of applications.

About the PV-0.75 Vibratory Tub

The PV-0.75 has swivel caster wheels, making it a portable finishing option for your facility. Additionally, the PV Series machines typically operate on low voltage, resulting in lower electricity costs.

Built for durability and years of dependable performance, the PV Series machines feature:

  • A fully welded and enamel painted 14-gauge steel base
  • Cast-urethane-ribbed tub linings
  • Sound abatement features (consistently maintaining an operational noise level under 85 dBA)

PV-0.75 Basic Operation

Utilizing a 2700 rpm vibratory eccentric shaft, the PV Series creates a powerful vibratory action in the polyurethane-lined tub. Inside the tub, abrasive or non-abrasive media rolls in a large mass, providing a gentle yet thorough finish on your parts. Simply drop your unfinished parts into the mass and let the PV Series Vibratory Tub do the rest. After a specified amount of time, your parts will be removed and left smoothed and free of sharp edges and burrs.

PV-0.75 Machine Specs

Processing Tub
  • U shaped configuration
  • 5/8” thick 80 durometer urethane lining
  • 0.75 cubic foot capacity
  • Drain in the bottom
Overall Tub LxWxH
  • 8.625″ L x 13.75″ W x 11.625″ H
Vibratory Mechanism
  • Rotates at 2700 RPM (Fixed)
  • Balanced, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings support the machined drive shaft and eccentric weight through precision bearing housing
  • 110V, Single Phase
  • 0.75 HP
  • 130 lbs
Discharge Door
  • Located at the end of the tub for unloading media
Machine Base
  • Constructed of 14-gauge steel
  • All welded construction
  • Reinforced and gusseted for maximum strength
  • Heavy-duty castor wheels with locking brakes
Sound Cover
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Lined with acoustic foam to deaden sound
Internal Pump
  • Compound pump for recirculating water
  • Wired internally
  • Constant Speed Standard
  • Variable Speed Upgrade Available

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