HZ-40 Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

HZ-12 Centrifugal Finishing Machine

HZ-40 Centrifugal Barrel
Finishing Machine

The HZ-40 is one of MFI’s most popular industrial finishing machines and is ideal for precision part manufacturers. The small footprint (4′ x 3′) makes it easy to fit into most productions without sacrificing any finishing speed or results. Its compact size and multiple barrel styles provide flexibility for work in nearly any industry. Despite its smaller stature compared to other stock barrel tumblers, it still packs the same high-end finishing punch as its bigger counterparts.

Machine Type: Compact
Max Part Size: 11″ L x 5.5″ D
Barrel Dimensions: 12.5″ L x 6.875″ D
Popular Industries: Additive Manufacturing, Medical & Surgical, Precision Part Manufacturers

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HZ-40 Basic Operation

The HZ-40 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is a high-energy finishing machine. It uses the pressure and friction created through centrifugal force to quickly remove excess material and burrs, polish part surfaces, and create a uniform finish. The finish achieved by the HZ-40 is isotropic, meaning parts are polished uniformly and evenly in all directions, something that cannot be achieved by hand finishing.

How It Works

Centrifugal barrel finishing, also known as centrifugal barrel tumbling, operates on the “Ferris Wheel” principle with a one-to-one ratio of barrel rotation to turret rotation. The process involves loading one or all four chambers with a mixture of parts, water, compound, and media, which are filled to around 50-80% capacity. As the machine rotates, the barrels spin around the turret in a planetary motion, creating a sliding force inside the barrel.

HZ-40 Features and Benefits

Small footprint

Our second-smallest machine. This compact machine can easily fit in some of the smallest locations.

Barrel versatility

With removable barrels and 4 different barrel options (two-sided, bolted-end, latched-end, and half-latched), this machine is extremely versatile.

Quieter operation

Much quieter than other finishing methods such as vibratory tumblers.

Achieve a mirror-like finish

Nearly impossible to achieve by hand, our polishing machines can achieve a mirror-like finish on a variety of parts.

Short cycle times

In a matter of minutes clean up metal, acrylic, rubber, and other materials in what could take hours or even days by hand finishing.

Safe and easy operation

The integral hood switch and two-button jog requirement makes this finishing machine extremely safe to operate. The hood is securely locked during cycles.

HZ-40 Barrels

The HZ-40 Centrifugal Barrel Finisher can be outfitted with four styles of removable barrels. These options include the two-sided, bolted-end, latched-end, and half-latched barrels.

By purchasing a second set of barrels, the operator can run one set while loading and preparing another. This can dramatically improve production efficiency.

Two-Sided Barrel (Aluminum or Steel)

  • Allows the use of removable barrel dividers to keep parts separated, avoiding part-to-part impingement and damage
  • Heavy-duty cam locks with safety lock pins

Bolted-End Barrel

  • Best for high pressure
  • Heavy-duty hardware for rough environments

Latched-End Barrel (Full-Size)

  • Largest Capacity
  • Snapping latches for quick lid removal

Latched-End Barrel (Half-Size)

  • Light and easy to get in and out of the machine
  • Latches for quick lid removal
  • 2 barrels per cradle (8 total)

HZ-40 Tool-Less Lockdown Bars

The HZ-40 Tool-Less Lockdown Bars are an upgrade from our original lockdown bars and are now a standard feature on all HZ-40 machines. For those still utilizing MFI’s original lockdown bars, we’re pleased to offer these upgraded bars for $285.

The Tool-Less Lockdown Bars are designed to fit seamlessly with your current machine, requiring no modifications.

The new lockdown bar design offers:

  • Tool-Less operation: There is no longer a need for tools such as socket wrenches or drills during barrel loading, greatly simplifying the process.
  • Less wear and tear & reduced replacement parts: With no bolts and mechanics delivering consistent pressure, the new design eliminates the risks of over and under-tightening the barrels. This in turn reduces the wear and tear on equipment, decreasing maintenance costs and prolonging machine lifespan.
  • Faster and safer operation: With a more simplified installation process, less time is spent on setup, allowing you to maximize efficiency and productivity. They also reduce the risks associated with improper barrel tightening.

Get Stocked Up on the Essentials

Shop our media and compound store.

HZ-40 Recommended Accessories

Processing Table

  • Collect processing water and easily clean out sediment
  • Reduce the mess from the finishing process
  • Sludge tank can be sold separately

    Vibratory Media Separator

    • Dump full barrels onto vibrating screen deck to quickly separate parts from tumbling media
    • Removable wire mesh screens for different part sizes
    • Custom screens also available

    PLC Touchscreen

    • Store processes as recipes for easier operation
    • Replaces the analog cycle start buttons
    • Allows for better monitoring of machine use and time
    • Maintenance reminders programmed in based on hour meter

    Extra Barrels

    • Dramatically reduce downtime on the machine
    • Load and unload the second set of barrels while the machine is running

      Additional HZ-40 Specs & Resources

      Main Motor Hp
      • 3 HP Leeson Brand (or comparable brand)
      • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
      • 230/460 Three Phase, 60 hertz (Single phase available upon request)
      Total Capacity
      • 1-1.42 cubic feet
      Variable Speed Drive
      • Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 (or comparable brand)
      Approximate Shipping Weight
      • 1300 lbs.
      Overall Dimensions
      • 47″W x 38″D x 49″H
      Machine Construction
      • Heavy duty steel
      • All welded construction
      • Reinforced, gusseted, and welded to maximum strength
      Barrel Construction
      • Various size barrels available (See Below)
      • Removable lids
      • Lined with polyurethane 1/4” min. thickness
      • Entire barrel can be removed from machine to load/unload media and parts.
      Control Panel
      • NEMA 12 enclosed panel
      • UL Certification (Available upon request)
      • Allen Bradley buttons and switches
      • 0-100 Hour cycle timer mounted on standard panel
      • Digital RPM meter with potentiometer adjustment
      • Power jog of turret
      • Automatically stops the turret when a stop is activated or the cycle is completed
      • Activated if the door is opened
      Barrel Options
      Two-Sided Barrels
      • Can use dividers Non-removable liners
      • Inner Dimensions- 9.8″ x 5.7”
      Bolted-End Barrels
      • Inner Dimensions- 11″ x 5.875″
      • Heavier Duty with Removeable Liners
      Latched-End Barrels (Full Sized)
      • Inner Dimensions- 12.5” x 6.875”
      • Highest Capacity with removable liners
      Latched-End Barrels (Half Sized)
      • Inner Dimensions- 5.5″ x 6.875″
      • 8 Total with Removable Liners (2 per cradle)


      Barrel Type Empty Ceramic Media Plastic Media
      Two-Sided, Aluminum 17 23 20
      Two-Sided, Steel 24 30 26
      Half-Size, Latched End 12 23 20
      Full-Size, Latched End 24 49 43
      Bolted End Barrel 24 40 36
      HZ-12 Latched End Barrel 12.5 21 19
      Free Standing Media Separator
      • Industrial media and parts separator
      • Dump fully loaded barrels onto vibratory screen deck to easily extract smaller parts from media
      • 110 V Single Phase power requirement
      Work Station and Sludge Tank
      • Constructed of 1/2” P.V.C. and Anodized aluminum frame
      • Includes three compartment sludge tank mounted on casters for easier mobility
      • 72” L x 32” D x 58” H (With Backsplash)
      Electric Hoist
      • L-Shaped jib arm with Manual Swivel
      • Bolted on with Brackets
      • 110 Volt power requirement
      • Allows operator to lift barrels out of the machine with the push of a button
      Media Screen Kit
      • Simple bucket with 5 different size separating screens
      • Screen sizes:  ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”
      • Separate parts from the mass of media by shaking bucket
      Media Drain Basket
      • Industrial bin with metal screens in the bottom
      • Ideal for draining water and solution from media and parts
      PLC Controller
      • Horner Electric EXL6
      • Store recipes and processes and gain access to machine diagnostics
      Barrel Dividers
      • Made from NYLOIL®  A cast nylon with built-in oil lubrication
      • Provides superior machinability, performance, and durability compared to other plastic.
      • Available on Two-Sided, Side Load barrels only
      Light Tower Indicator
      • Visual indicator of machines status
      • Can be customized to match existing equipment
      Infrared Safety Light Curtains
      • Disables machine if curtain is broken while door is open during loading/unloading
      • Added layer of safety
      Media and Compound
      • Required for running parts
      • MFI Stocks all consumables used in testing process
      • Media ships in 50- or 55-pound quantities
      • Pricing Varies Depending on Type

      Centrifuge Module

      CF55 SD Series Microseparator™


      • Clean and process effluent from tumbling process
      • Processed wastewater is safe to send to drain or be used in a recycling system.
      • Solids are collected through centrifugal action of rotor via a reusable liner
      • Watch the video
      Media Storage Rack
      • Keep media out of the way when not in use
      • Industrial powder coated steel construction
      • Made to fit 12 MFI gray media bins

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