Sludge Tank Absorbent

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40 lb. bag- Sludge tank absorbent works great for soaking up any remaining water in sludge located in sludge tanks and drain pans.

Common Uses: Wastewater Absorbent

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Sludge tank absorbent serves a distinct purpose in the finishing process. It is an effective solution for absorbing any remaining water in the sludge, which is a byproduct of the finishing process. By allowing the pellets to sit in the sludge tank or drain pan for several hours, the soupy sludge transforms into a more solid mass that can be easily scooped out for disposal. This helps streamline the waste removal process and maintain a clean working environment.

Corn Cob Media
Part Number Description
5500-61010-2 10/14 PLAIN COB – MEDIUM – 50 LB BOX
5500-61014-1 20/40 PLAIN COB – FINE – 50 LB BOX
5501-30002-1 MF-3 HIGH ENERGY COB – MEDIUM, 10/14 – 50 LB BOX
5501-30001-50 MF-3 HIGH ENERGY COB – FINE, 20/40 – 50 LB BOX
5501-30001-5 MF-3FF MEDICAL GRADE COB – FINE, 20/40 – 50 LB BOX
5501-30002-5 MF-3FF MEDICAL GRADE COB – MEDIUM, 10/14 – 50 LB BOX
5501-30002-4 MF-3 VIBE COB – MEDIUM,10/14 – 50 LB BOX
5501-30001-1 MF-3 VIBE COB – FINE, 20/40 – 50 LB BOX
5501-50001 MF-5 CUTTING COB – MEDIUM, 10/14 – 50 LB BOX

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