Thru-Feed Vibratory Tubs

HZ-60 centrifugal barrel finishing machine with lid open.

Continuous Thru-Feed Vibratory Finishing Tubs

The Continuous Thru-feed Vibratory Finishing Tubs are manufactured by our sister company, ALMCO, and are designed for high production parts. These machines can be equipped with optional automatic parts load and unload mechanisms for increased efficiency. Parts can be fed into the machine at short intervals directly from preceding operations. These systems are ideally suited for incorporating washer, dryer, or rust-inhibiting operations and can also be equipped to process parts using steel media.

About the Thru-Feed Vibratory Tubs

These machines are integrated with material handling systems, including an oscillating parts-media separator, which incorporates a secondary fines removal deck and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing.

The screener has urethane-lined sides and a removable/replaceable plastisol-coated woven-wire separation screen.

Standard Features:

  • Wet or dry processing capabilities
  • Variable amplitude for process adjustment
  • Heavy duty polyurethane lining
  • Ability to run steel media
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • High volume production

Optional Items:

  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Flowmeter
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Sound enclosure
  • Adjustable tub pitch angle
  • UL 508A electrical controls

Thru-Feed Tub Basic Operation

Continuous Thru-Feed Vibratory Finishing Tubs operate by feeding parts directly into the machine at short intervals from preceding operations. Material handling systems remove any foreign particles in the media, and parts separate from the media on the oscillating screener unit. The media falls to the secondary deck, which again screens media to remove any foreign particles or contaminants. The screened media then travels up the return media conveyor to re-enter the vibratory processing tub.

Available Thru-Feed Models

Model Tub Cap Cu Ft. Tub Length Tub Width Motor HP
(Variable Speed)
Overall Dimensions (In.)
V-1472TF 6.5 72″ 14” 7.5 176 x 58 x 78
V-14156TF 17.5 156″ 14” 10 300 x 73 x 117
V-1696TF 13 96″ 16” 15 270 x 60 x 118
V-19114TF 22 114″ 19” 15 272 x 70 x 120
V-16155TF 20 155″ 16” 20 314 x 73 x 129
V-19229TF 43.5 229″ 19” 40 500 x 99 x 161
V-23189TF 48 189″ 23” 40 370 x 84 x 135
V-23239TF 62 239″ 23” 50 375 x 107 x 130

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