Ceramic Fast Cut Pin Media

Ceramic Media Compositions

MFI’s selection of ceramic media is made up of one of the following compositions:

1. Dura 30 Media: This composition contains a fine grain aluminum oxide baked into the ceramic shape. It provides a smooth finish while allowing for fast metal removal with medium wear. Dura 30 is particularly effective for achieving fine finishes on softer metals like aluminum, copper, and brass.

2. C-Bond: Featuring a coarser grain aluminum oxide, C-Bond offers an excellent cut to wear ratio, making it highly efficient for various applications. This general-purpose media can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ensuring versatility and consistent results.

3. AH-41: AH-41 is an aggressive and high-density ceramic media known for its exceptional durability and fracture resistance. It is specifically recommended for heavy deburring operations where robust performance is required.

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