Case Studies

Here you’ll find success stories and real-life applications where customers across various industries achieved exceptional results by harnessing the power of MFI equipment.

3D Logics: Mirror Finish

Discover how 3D Logics, an innovative 3D printing company based in Hillsboro, Oregon, overcame surface roughness challenges in their metal parts to deliver exceptional finished products. Learn how their collaboration with MFI revolutionized their finishing process and positioned them ahead of the competition.

Client: 3D Logistics
Industry: 3D Printing
Featured Machine: HZ-40

Conn-Selmer: Sweet Music

Explore how Conn-Selmer, a renowned musical instrument manufacturing company, revolutionized their finishing process for trumpets and trombones. Learn how MFI’s innovative solution not only saved time and labor costs but also improved workplace safety and environmental sustainability for the company.

Client: Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Industry: Musical Instrument Manufacturing
Featured Machine: HZ-330

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