Corn Cob Media

MFI Corn Cob Finishing Media

MFI manufactures various varieties of plain and treated corn cob finishing media in-house at our Howard Lake, MN facility.

Corn cob media is commonly utilized in the final stage of a tumbling process for dry finishing. While corn cob is typically used for acrylics, aluminum, and precious metals like gold and silver, it can also be applied in many other processes.

Common Uses: Polish/Dry

Benefits of Corn Cob Media

Corn cob media is lightweight, making it ideal for providing a final finishing shine to parts without causing excessive wear or damage. Corn cob media gently polishes the part surface, removing minor imperfections and creating a smooth and lustrous finish.

Corn cob media is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Its natural absorbent properties help in absorbing excess moisture during the finishing process. This cost-effective media is readily available, making it a practical choice for various applications.

MFI Corn Cob Varieties

MFI offers a range of specialized dry media varieties to meet specific requirements. We also offer custom blends and different mesh sizes based on customer requests, ensuring tailored solutions for your specific finishing needs.

MF-1: Fat Free Corn Cob – Developed for the medical device field, this treated corn cob variety uses a vegetable-based substitute instead of stearic acid to eliminate potential contamination with animal fat. It is commonly referred to as our “vegan cob.”

MF-2: Vibe Corn Cob – This special treated corn cob blend is designed for traditional vibratory polishing machines. It delivers excellent polishing results and is compatible with MFI High Energy tumblers.

MF-3: High-Energy Corn Cob – Our most popular treated corn cob blend, ideal for high-energy polishing. It incorporates a proprietary blend of oils, pastes, and polishing agents to achieve a brilliant shine on metallic and non-metallic parts.

MF-5: Cutting Corn Cob – This blend offers a slight cutting effect, making it more aggressive than other blends without requiring water. It provides light deburring or edge break during dry finishing.

MF-CW-1 – Corn Cob and Walnut Shell Mix: Developed for customers working with brass and other exotic metals like nitinol and inconel, this blend combines the benefits of corn cob and walnut shell to achieve desired results.