XM Media

XM Finishing Media

XM media is a versatile and effective media primarily used for burnishing applications. It serves as a “coloring abrasive” and offers additional benefits such as light burr removal, radius formation, and serving as a driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. XM media is an excellent alternative to steel media applications.

Common Uses: Burnishing

Benefits of Using XM Media

XM media’s robust and hard crystalline structure makes it particularly effective in achieving a “high color” burnish on hard ferrous metals, brass, and aluminum. It provides excellent results for adding a vibrant and polished appearance to your parts.

XM media finds its primary use in burnishing applications, where it imparts a desired color and luster to the surface of metals. However, it also performs well in light deburring applications and acts as a driving force for loose abrasives, facilitating efficient cutting and coloring of parts.

XM Media Composition and Sizes

XM Media is a sintered ceramic tumbling nugget. It possesses hardness, toughness, and an extremely fine crystalline structure, making it suitable for various ferrous metals, brass, and aluminum. The granular tumbling nugget is composed of sintered bauxite, ensuring durability and high density at 140 pounds-per-square-foot.

MFI offers XM media in a range of screen sizes, with lower numbers representing larger grains and higher numbers indicating smaller grains. This variety allows you to choose the appropriate size for your specific application needs.

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