Synthetic Media

Synthetic Finishing Media

Synthetic media is a highly effective media used in various stages of the finishing process, particularly for deburring and polishing applications. Its properties make it an ideal choice for small, precision applications. Synthetic media is water-based, making it cost-effective and easily treated for removal in wastewater systems.

Common Uses: Deburr/Polish

Benefits of Using Synthetic Media

One of the key advantages of synthetic media is its ability to provide extremely fine finishes. This makes it ideal for achieving precise and high-quality results on intricate parts.

It has a 20-45% lower bulk density compared to polyester and ceramic media, allowing for greater volume per pound, translating into lower working costs.

Another key advantage is that synthetic media is water-based. This gives synthetic media a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of treatment in wastewater systems. The quick settling of solids allows for practical implementation of closed-loop wastewater systems, offering considerable water cost savings for continuous usage.

Diverse Selection of Synthetic Media

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