Twin Turbos Looking to Turbo Charge Their Polishing

Doug and Brad DeBerti have made a name for themselves when it comes to custom cars. They’ve been winning awards for their work at the SEMA show for years. They’re so good at building cars, the Discovery Channel gave them a TV show called Twin Turbos. Recently they moved from Bakersfield, CA to North Carolina to be closer to the racing industry. They’ve also launched a product line of machined aluminum car parts they’ve designed themselves. They sell them on their website

Custom Cars to Custom Products

With Doug having a significant amount of experience in manufacturing he knew one of the key factors in selling aluminum parts is coming up with a way of removing machining lines and bringing them to a mirror polish. For years he had searched the globe and spent weeks in Europe with different manufacturers trying to find a turnkey solution to polishing, but came up empty.

In the spring of 2020, shortly after moving to Moorseville, NC, Doug was introduced to barrel tumbling through a nearby motorcycle part manufacturer. He couldn’t believe the results and called MFI to learn more about the machine he had just seen.

Samples Tested

After sending in test samples and seeing the results, Doug and Brad knew that they needed to bring an HZ-85 Centrifugal Barrel Finisher in-house. They’re using the tumbler for everything they make to add a high quality finish to their parts. As seen in the video, Brad and Doug were amazed at the ability of the media to access even the internal features of their parts. For Doug, one of the biggest concerns with polishing is safety. He feels having the ability to put the parts into a machine and walk away is a great way of avoiding the dangerous work of hand polishing.

Be sure to check out their shows on Discovery “Twin Turbos” and Motor Trend “Spoolin’ up with the DeBertis”.