Inline Thru-Feed Vibratory Machines

Inline Thru-feed machines are integrated with material handling systems including an oscillating parts-media separator, incorporating a secondary “fines” removal deck and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing of high production parts. Parts may be fed into the machine at short intervals, direct from preceding operations. Systems are ideally suited for incorporating washer, dryer, or rust-inhibiting operations. Machines may also be equipped to process parts using steel media.

Photo shows thru-feed vibratory machine with sound hoods in open position with views of all interior sound-deadening foam. Parts travel down the urethane-lined vibratory processing tub, then separate from the media on the oscillating screener unit.

Screener shows urethane-lined sides and removable/replaceable plastisol-coated woven-wire separation screen. Media falls to secondary deck, which again screens media to remove any foreign particles or contaminates. The screened media then travels up the return media conveyor to re-enter the vibratory processing tub.

These machines are excellent to incorporate with optional automatic parts load and unloading mechanisms for increased efficiencies.


ModelTub Cap
Cu Ft.
Tub LengthTub WidthMotor HP
(Variable Speed)
V1472TF86 ft.14”7.5
V14120TF1410 ft.14”10
V-16TF178 ft.17”15
V-27TF2710 ft.19-3/4”15
V-26TF2713 ft.17”20
V-52TF5212 ft.23-1/2”30
V-70TF7016 ft.23-1/2”40
V-88TF8820 ft.23-1/2”50
V-122TF12228 ft.23-1/2”100
V34-120TF13016 ft.34”100
V44-192TF19216 ft.44”125