Mass Finishing Lab Engineers are always working to come up with new processes to help improve the finish quality and performance of equipment. MFI regularly takes in new media from suppliers to test out in the lab.

Our latest experiments include a Pre-Polishing media from a US-based manufacturer. MFI has branded this new media and we are now selling it as “MF-PP.” This media offers better surface finish quality and produces

less sludge or foam during the tumbling process compared to similar media types.

“I was surprised at the performance when I looked under the microscope and compared it to some existing media we’re using,” said MFI Director of Technology Tommy Mathisen.

The price and availability on this variety is also more competitive when compared to similar media compositions.

If you’re interested in giving this new media a try please let us know. Call us at 1-888-260-6277 or send an email to