Vibratory Tubs

Vibratory Finishing Tubs

If you’re looking to finish large parts or high production volumes, vibratory tubs are a great solution. MFI offers four lines of vibratory tub solutions to accommodate any budget or part size and volume.

PV-Series– These basic vibratory tumblers are simple to operate and are a relatively low cost option.

VB-Series– These tubs are built to handle constant daily use.

V-Series– A step up from the VB-Line, these tubs feature variable speed and automated discharge.

Thru-Feed– For high production volume these machines can run continuously and are great for inline production.

Available Vibratory Tubs

MFI PV-Series of vibratory tubs.

Simple Operation
Low Startup Cost
Easy to Maneuver

0.75 to 5 Cu. Ft.


Industrial Strength
Basic Operation
Lower Startup Cost

1 to 12.7 Cu. Ft.

More Automated Features
Variable Speed
Large Part/Volume Capacity

2.5 to 192 Cu. Ft.

Fully Automated
Inline Production
Continuous Load and Unload

8 to 192 Cu. Ft.