Introducing a new and exciting development for MFI, we are excited to announce that we will be offering a range of in-stock products for customers soon. We previously were a build-to-order operation, so assembly didn’t begin till a customer order was officially received. With this addition to our services, customers can expect the same high-quality finishes, faster turnaround times, and increased convenience when it comes to meeting their industrial finishing needs.

We will be offering our most popular small and mid-sized HZ-Series High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler Machines, as well as limited stock of a few of our larger machines. The HZ-40 & HZ-85 have been our most popular machines for the last few years, with our HZ-12 and HZ-60 closely behind. In addition to our HZ-Series models, we plan to also keep a few processing tables, sludge tanks, and centrifuges on hand.

Most Popular Small & Mid-Sized Machines

HZ-40 centrifugal barrel finisher primed for operation.


Main Motor: 3 HP

Voltage: 230/460v

Total Capacity: 1.4 Cu. Ft.

Shipping Weight: 1280 lbs.

Overall LxWxH: 47″x38″x49″

Max RPM: 225

HZ-85 Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler shown with optional separator and drain pan


Main Motor: 7.5 HP

Voltage: 230-460v

Total Capacity: 3 Cu. Ft., 85 liters

Weight: 3300

Overall LxWxH: 75″x39″x94″

Barrel: 33.5″Lx6″Diam.

HZ-12 Centrifugal Finishing Machine


Motor: 1 HP

Voltage: 120v

Total Capacity:  .42 Cu. Ft., 12 liters

Weight: 700 lbs.

Max RPM: 250

Barrel Dimensions: 5″ dia. x 8.375″ L

HZ-60 with separator pan


Main Motor: 5 HP

Voltage: 230-460v

Total Capacity: 2 Cu. ft.

Barrel Capacity: .5 Cu. ft., 14 liters

Weight: 3000 lbs.

Overall LxWxH: 68″x39″x94″

Barrel : 25.75″x 5.875″Diam.

Our goal is to make the process of obtaining top-quality finishes as streamlined and hassle-free as possible, and the introduction of in-stock products is a big step in that direction. Customers will be able to choose a base model and then add on other optional items based on their specific finishing needs. With the addition of in-stock products, MFI will be able to get machines to our customers quicker, providing them with the competitive edge they need to succeed in today’s market and take their operation to the next level.

We look forward to the future and to continuing to serve the evolving needs of our customers!