An essential step in determining the right equipment for your part is running samples in our lab. Seeing is believing, so we offer sample processing at no cost to prove that we can give you the return on investment and quality finish you need to make your business successful.

Sending in Samples

The first step to getting your samples tested is sending them to our processing lab for review. You can find the Test Sample Form Here: Test Sample Request Form – Mass Finishing, Inc

In the Test Sample Form, you’ll fill out your contact information and any relevant part information such as part material, method of manufacturing, desired finish, expected production volume per month. You’ll also include any other notes about the project, your budget, and your timeline requirements.

When your parts arrive at our facility, we’ll take “before” photos, and they’ll go into the queue for test processing. Most sample parts are completed within a week, depending on the number of samples in the lab.

The Testing Process

Once your parts are in the lab, our test engineer will review the sample parts and the information you provided. Based on your specifications and desired finish, we’ll determine the right piece of equipment, media composition and size, and the optimal processing time. After your parts have reached their desired finish, MFI will log all the parameters into a confidential test report and take a set of “after” photos to showcase the processing results. Sample parts will then be shipped back for your inspection and approval.

Determining ROI

We want your team to have all the information needed to determine the best piece or pieces of finishing equipment for your application. We understand that overall budget plays an important part in your purchasing decision. In addition to free sample parts processing, our team can also provide a full cost analysis including actual price per part and price per load for the finishing process we’ve proved in our lab to help your team determine your ROI. Some of the areas we take into consideration when performing a cost analysis include equipment, electricity, labor, and consumable materials (such as media and compound).

Support for New and Existing Customers

MFI is dedicated to providing support for not only customers looking at buying equipment for a new application, but also for existing customers who might need help in determining the best process with their existing equipment. We want to help our clients maximize the use in their machine. Many times, a simple phone call and some pictures can get you on the right track to your desired finish. If not, you can send your parts to the lab so we can complete in-house testing. We also offer in-person lab visits or live video conferencing.