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Test Sample Info Form

Filling out this information will help our lab engineers determine the best process for finishing your parts. By submitting this form, an email will be sent to our lab and sales team. This will help insure proper processing of your sample parts.
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Send in Your Samples

An essential step in determining the right equipment for your part is running samples in our lab. Once we have your parts in house, we’ll determine what type of media and processing times it will take to get your desired finish. Please send samples to:

Attn: Sample Testing Lab
Mass Finishing, Inc.
1060 Commerce Blvd
Howard Lake, MN 55349

Be sure to include your contact information and any other information not provided in the form above. Providing us with your production volume and potential budget is essential for determining the equipment.

About the Testing Process

When your parts arrive, we’ll take photos so we can compare what the parts look like after tumbling. After the before photos, the samples will go into the queue for test processing. There is typically two to three days of parts waiting to be tumbled at any given time.

Once in the lab, our test engineer will take a look at the parts and the information you provided about the desired finish. This includes determining the right media composition and size, and preparing the equipment for the test. After the parts reach the desired finish, MFI will log all of the parameters into a confidential test report.

We then will take photos of the parts after processing and put together a before and after collage to show you the results. We will then ship the parts back for your inspection. We will include a customer copy of the test report which will contain the necessary information you will need to make a decision on equipment. MFI is always willing to work with customers to guarantee you make the best choice for your company’s needs.

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Toll Free: 1 (888) 260-6277

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ASHVILLE, NC- Tucked away in the scenic Blue Ridge mountain range of western North Carolina sits a company dedicated to making some of the finest bicycle components in the world. Industry Nine (I9), a name settled on by owner Clint Spiegel after eight previous...

Case Study- G&S Jewelry Manufacturing

 “We now use this system throughout our process and it reduces finishing time by approximately two days over traditional avalanche barrel tumbling,”


For rough parts with heavy machine lines or scale from heat treating and other strengthening processes, it can take from 15 minutes to two hours to reach the final surface requirement.

Camshaft Microfinishing

In its April 2018 edition, Modern Machine Shop featured an article titled "Evolution of Performance Camshaft Grinding, Finishing". The article focuses on a company that uses MFI centrifugal barrel tumbling equipment to achieve an extremely low surface Ra on camshafts....